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We are one of Thailand's leading production coordinating companies.

Our international production team are experienced in a "no frills" approach to film making, keeping production costs down whilst maintaining high production values.

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Awards Win and DVD:

THE LAST EXECUTIONER recently won Best Director (Tom Waller) and Best Actor (Vithaya Pansringarm - ONLY GOD FORGIVES) at the Dhaka International Film Festival. The unique bio-pic about Thailand's celebrated rock'n'roll prison executioner, is produced by Tom Waller and Michael Pritchett from a screenplay by Don Linder.

The film won Best Picture and Best Screenplay at Thailand's prestigious "Tukkata Tong" (Golden Doll) awards last year and Vithaya Pansringarm also won the Best Actor Golden Goblet award at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

A limited edition DVD with English subtitles and Director's Commentary is available to order from the film's official website:


Currently in Production:

De Warrenne Pictures is currently handling production services for shooting in the Kingdom of Thailand on the Beijing Golden Cicada Film Co. Ltd. production of WAR OF MEMORY for Wanda Media (China). Company founder Tom Waller serves as Thai Co-Producer on the film, which is being directed by Leste Chen (THE GREAT HYPNOTIST) and produced by Tina Shi.